Top 6 best iOS and Android games of June 2020

It’s pretty easy to name a game of the month in June. And that’s not because the general level has been low, but rather because Slay the Spire is such a momentously brilliant piece of software.

This isn’t even a particularly amazing port (the touch controls are a little flaky right now), but the underlying game is perhaps the best roguelike card battler ever made. Pick a hero, assemble a deck, and play out one of countless available strategies. Wonderful.

It’s been available on other platforms (including iOS) a wee while now, but the arrival of Dead Cells onto Android in June means pretty everyone can now play this wonderful action-platformer. That’s worthy of a triumphant toot.

Dead Cells does the whole roguelike thing of making each run unique. But that’s not the most interesting thing about it. The game’s hyper-kinetic, multi-approach combat system is what keeps us coming back to it again and again. You’ll be wanting to hook up a control pad for this one.

Most of the time when we play a new sci-fi strategy game, we secretly just want to be playing FTL. Which is why we were quite pleased to learn that Crying Suns plays a lot like it.

It’s got the star-maps, event systems and roguelike elements of Subset Games’s classic, but Crying Suns layers on an absorbing story and cool flight-squadron combat layer. And it works great on a touchscreen, too.

We’ve been talking about The Almost Gone on PG for what feels like an age, so it’s good to see it finally land. This is compelling narrative-led environmental puzzler with beautifully clean isometric presentation.

It’s also pretty downbeat and macabre, as you attempt to solve the mystery of your character’s own demise. Shivers all round.

Developer Kenny Sun has a knack for creating brain-melting puzzlers with trippy, boldly hued, abstract visuals. Yankai’s Peak is one of the finest, and most difficult, examples of this format.

Peak’s Edge is Sun’s take on the roguelike, but with a deliberately counter-intuitive triangular movement pattern redolent of Yankai’s Peak. It’s got that off-kilter feel that really helps it stand out from the crowd.

Used to be a time you couldn’t move for tower defence games around these parts. The well has rather dried up for this real time strategy spin-off genre, save the odd Kingdom Rush game.

That’s why it feels oddly refreshing to play 2112TD, which gives us a meaty and decidedly old school TD experience, but with an even older school isometric perspective.

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