PUBG Mobile is set to launch a smaller map for rapid-fire matches

PUBG Mobile is set to launch an all-new map designed specifically for small-scale, rapid-fire matches. Livik, as it’s known, spans two kilometres and supports up to a maximum of 40 players at once, so it makes sense that each match will come it at around 15 minutes.

Speaking to The Verge, producer Rick Li says that “the initiative for this map is bringing more flexibility to those players who have tighter schedules and circumstances to accommodate for.”

The map is based on Nordic terrain and will serve up plenty of neat areas to sightsee in. You can expect a volcano, waterfalls, hot springs, and more. Interestingly, some of these new additions are said to play into the map’s faster pace, with, for example, the violent waterfalls washing players away.

PUBG Mobile has gradually opened itself up to more players over time by releasing its Lite version for lower-spec devices, which also offers shorter matches. The introduction of a small-scale map ideal for on-the-play makes perfect sense for the vanilla version and is something I’m a bit surprised didn’t arrive earlier in the day. Still, better late than never.

Livik doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, though we do know that it’s coming “soon”. It definitely sounds like we could be in for an interesting change of pace, and if it does prove to be a success, I wonder how much we’ll see its influence in future maps.

PUBG Mobile is currently available for download as a free-to-play game from over on the App Store and Google Play. In other battle royale news, Free Fire Max’s second closed beta test launched last week. If you’d like to find out what sets Max and standard Free Fire apart, be sure to check out our full feature.

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Credit: PUBG Mobile is set to launch a smaller map for rapid-fire matches